Tigerdirect closing online dating

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Tigerdirect closing online dating

The fact that they make money collecting payments from businesses should automatically raise an eyebrow.

How can they honestly look out for the consumers best interest when their customer base is businesses?

They claim neutrality but to any rational person there is an obvious conflict of interest.

So you see a business with a BBB member sticker in the window, a plaque on the wall, or a banner on their website and you think they must be creditable.

The BBB threatened to sue Rip-off Report because we also use the name .. World News Videos | US News Videos Rip-off Report supports and assists all branches of government agencies since 1998, and many times have asked the FTC, why are they not looking into the BBB and the way they do business misleading consumers to do business with bad companies where the BBB hides complaints about their members who are ripping of unsuspecting consumers into doing business with them. Why is the BBB listed in local phone books under Government Agencies?

Better Business Bureau claimed that consumers will get confused and not know the difference between the words Better and BAD. The BBB is a Franchise operation that is also a non-profit that receives millions in grant money every year from the US Government.

It seems like an A grade is only possible for dues-paying customers (members).4.

The BBB must realize what a consumer must have gone through before resorting to filing a complaint!Calling this a membership service is a misnomer, it more closely resembles an advertising service where "members" pay to play..=================================BBB, a nonprofit organization where executives are making a six-digit salary ========================== Better Business Bureau Discriminates Against Online Companies | Search Rank Blog Rvi Jc8 The BBBOn Line Reliability Program- Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers its members in which they can place a seal on their web site indicating they are a BBB member which then links to the companys online profile..4) Membership in the BBB guarantees a better grade.By their own admission, membership in the Better Business Bureau improves a business' grade.

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The list of growing complaints around the country accuse local Better Business Bureaus of: Unfair and Disingenuous Business Practices. Discrimination Against Certain Businesses Based On Their Industry. Many of us look to the Better Business Bureau to establish the legitimacy of a business or to report a business, but where do we go if we have a problem with the better business bureau? The savvy consumer and self-respecting business owner does due diligence on the Better Business Bureau just as they would before dealing with any other company. It has been reported to the "badbusinessbureau.com" that, the BBB encourages and solicits money from the very businesses they monitor! Consumers have reported, the BBB DOES NOT report consumer complaints which are under investigation, even when they know the business is under criminal investigation and is about to be shut down.

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