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Spring hibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

The main purpose of this class is to set up the Hibernate Session Factory in a spring context.

The hibernate configuration properties can be passed within the XML.

we will use the person Service class to add a person to the database and get a list of all persons from the database. This is the entity which is inserted and selected from database using Hibernate.

Create Hibernate’s mapping file called xml (see sample code below).

This class extends from Hibernate Dao Support (see line 8 below).

The insert() method inserts a Person object into database (see lines 11-13 below) using Hibernate Template.save() method.

This mapping file will be used by Hibernate perform Object-Relational Mapping between Person class and PERSON table.

Also note how Hibernate specific properties are declared within Spring (see lines 36-41 below).Create members data Source (see line 11 below) Create accessor methods for data Source (see lines 13-19 below).Create the initialize method and execute the ‘CREATE TABLE’ statement to create the PERSON table (see lines 21-32) Create the file (see XML configuration below).The configuration properties include the hibernate mapping resources, hibernate properties and a datasource.The Session Factory can handle both pure hibernate session management with single database or transactions that span multiple databases using JTA .

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Hibernate Template that helps in accessing the database via hibernate.

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