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Q: In your opinion, why has become such a successful pop culture phenomenon? It's an accessible story that has a humanity that anyone can relate to, everyone can in invest in, and above all, the audience cares about these characters.There will always be someone out there in the audience who identifies with Elphaba, feels like the outcast, feels bullied, misunderstood.Q: What new acting projects are you working on this year?A: Some things are up in the air as of now so I can't say!A: Well, at least with the younger act 1 Elphaba, I relate because I was kind of bookish and nerdy, and didn't always feel like I fit in. Nowadays, I think I still share her qualities of sometimes not letting people get a word in edgewise (ask my husband), a side effect of her/us being very passionate and sensitive. But I certainly have got the nerd/outcast back story going for me. A: It seems like a cheat, but this answer changes from time to time.One moment I always look forward to is the scene with Popular in it.

I have been very lucky to have gained so much experience in two areas of entertainment that I equally love and enjoy. How is life on Broadway similar to / different from the characters and drama we see on TV? I would say the real drama behind the scenes of theater is sometimes even BETTER and crazier than anything on Smash! Of course they have dramatized certain aspects as you have to with any show because it needs to appeal to a mainstream audience, not just people who do theater for a living! It's more under the surface, because it's not made for tv, people are more subtle in real life, although that's just my personal experience.

It is the first scene for me in the show where things really slow down for a moment and we get to really see these two girls become friends.

I love when Alli sings Popular, she is so funny and keeps it fresh every time. I remember it was such an event because the Wizard of Oz was only televised once a year.

On the flip side, there will always be people who identify with Glinda, being popular, and misunderstood in their own way.

People really respond to these women, their journey, their friendship, and it just resonates with audiences in a special way.

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Elphaba, a smart, fiery outcast born with emerald-green skin finds an unlikely friend in her college roommate Galinda, later Glinda -- the beautiful, popular blonde.