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But the planet’s jewel is Kestro, the capital city and Imperial hub.It is also the location of Vardos’ seminal Future Imperial Leaders Military Preparatory School, as well as Jinata Security’s headquarters.Outfitted with turbolasers, a hyperdrive, and room for a sizable crew, the agile Corvus is a dangerous enemy for Rebel starfighters.Since Yavin 4, the Corvus has been on hundreds of black operations, as well as plenty of known battles such as the Battle of Endor.

Master your skills in cover-based Pv P skirmishes, climb the ranks of the Arena Leagues, and unlock a cast of legendary Star Wars Heroes. Become the hero and play as a fearless trooper, pilot a legendary starfighter, fight as your favorite iconic Star Wars character, or forge a new path as an elite special forces soldier through an emotionally gripping new Star Wars story.An orphan from Kuat, Gideon Hask found a family with the Empire.Having honed his combat skills from a young age, he was selected by Admiral Garrick Versio to join the special forces unit Inferno Squad.The shipyards orbiting the purple planet are used for capital ship repairs, manufacturing, and Imperial R&D of classified technologies.Operation: Cinder’s satellites, and other unspecified projects, can trace parts of their early development to this vital Imperial world.

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In Star Wars: Force Arena, players will fight in some of the most intense real-time multiplayer battles in the galaxy!

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