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Dating help for dorks

Women enjoy sex too, but intimacy and moral support tend to be higher relationship priorities for them.

Is anyone pleased with the state of modern romance?

An ABC sitcom about two working-class parents raising three children in small-town Indiana. Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) and her husband Mike (Neil Flynn) live in the Midwestern town of Orson, Indiana.

Frankie was a saleswoman at "Ehlert Motors" (where she had the lowest sale record) and Mike is the manager at the local quarry.

Complaints come in a thousand flavors, but the discontent seems an important book.

As a sociologist, Regnerus has spent years studying American sexual habits, through extensive surveys and batteries of interviews.

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It’s hard to imagine What do we see when we look at the sexual landscape of contemporary America? He’s assessing what a person (specifically, afor seeking romance.

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