Dating a stripper what everyone says updating operating system on ipod

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Dating a stripper what everyone says

Sounds like your date has to do a lot of the work necessary for a date to go well.

i'd like a woman who has something to verbally offer,and so do some other guys.

girl prove these people wrong and make your life better, your workin on it and hey alot of moms sit on their butts and wait for the wellfare check.

Don't get caught up in it, a couple months turn into years quick. We're obviously not together anymore, but it had nothing to do with least it mostly didn't. HOWEVER if real, I put myself in her little son's place. How many fights will he get in at school when the other kids tease him?

" Sis managed to talk him down to a 45 day suspension from the proposed 90.

I don't imagine her particularly exotic in the sack..One of the key things involved in stripping is successfully separating a naive man from his money. She states she has to strip to pay the bills*, etc., BUT what will she tell her son? *We could all make way more money as hit men/women, thieves, prostitutes etc BUT at what real cost?Her cynicism is what killed our relationship.....*BUT* I've had cynicism kill relationships before that didn't involve stripping. If you would not want your son/daughter to make the choices you have made, then best you shouldn't role model it for them.There are a lot of crazies on the Internet and its not a long stretch of the imagination that one will seek you out there because you didn't reply to his message. sounds like you have not had a perfect childhood, and have picked up quite a few "wrong" ways of doing things.There are other means of supporting yourself and your child. Be an example for your child, not a continuation of what your parents have taught you.

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if a muscular guy did a high paying manual labor job to pay for the child he had, would there be a double standard about using his body to step up?

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