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Part B: (Sort of mimics part A, but slightly different) When it says "Collection" on the report, not "Charge Off", does that mean this is a newly created collection item after the sale, after the Charge-Off occurred by the original bank, or did this collection report, while this was with the original creditor?3) How would I know when specifically to use the debt-validation tactic?Bank of is 3 months past-due, am I correct that at that point, it sits in the internal collections department of Bof A?(I had this happen to me, but not sure if this is correct).Sooner or later, your debt can pile up way beyond your ability to repay and this will seriously affect your credit status.I do have some knowledge of credit repair/collections/debts, etc, but I have some specific questions that I don't have answers to and there is a disconnect that happens in my mind when I begin trying to figure out where they truth actually is with respect to collections/charge off procedures, etc.

The best thing about this consolidation loan is that it can help reduce your interest rate to as low as 8%.

(as I read your blog on backfiring and I don't want it to backfire on me) 4) Is there a point in disputing an item that is being reported by a collection agency/original creditor, if there is still a balance being reported? ) 5) Part A: Statute of limitations normally is 4 years from last DLA date....should I wait until this expires to try to delete the item or would it not matter?

(as after 4 years they legally cannot collect on it) Part B: Is there a point in settling a collection/charge off account (if this is reporting under different collection agencies), if the original DLA expired on the original bank account, or is there no way to stop them from selling/assigning and selling again to new can I permanently stop this process?

To help such people, Bank of America offers a debt consolidation program known as Clean Sweep Program.

This program offers you convenient options to consolidate your high-interest debts.

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It is to be noted here that Bank of America does not offer unsecured personal loans to people with bad credit history.

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