Adult adhd and dating htm

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Adult adhd and dating htm

When you enter emotional shock, it’s generally because your belief that the world is a safe place has taken a hit.

Something has happened that you didn’t expect, weren’t prepared for, and couldn’t prevent happening. Notice if you are manifesting any physical signs of fear.

Do you feel uninterested in going out or doing things you used to do, as if deep down you are afraid if you dare, yet another bad thing could happen?

You might feel as if your brain has turned to mush, or you have ‘brain fog‘.

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Life will change, things will get better, they always do… While it’s true you aren’t in “medical shock” – an acute circulatory condition where blood pressure falls so severely that multiple organ failure can occur – you are still in a medically recognised kind of shock.

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The relationship you thought was forever has just fallen apart.

The boss you trusted has unceremoniously fired you from the job you loved. Nothing serious, you tell yourself, as you weren’t physically hurt.

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When the mind is struggling to make sense of a difficult situation is doesn’t leave much headspace to deal with everything else that needs our attention.

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